Lead Management

Lead management is the process of managing and tracking prospective customers. Successful lead management can be the difference between closing 10 and 100 sales a month.  We help businesses to greatly improve their lead management, improving the effectiveness of marketing effort and their conversion rate in signing up new customers.

Our Process

Source Tracking

1. Where do your leads currently come from?  We ensure that we are able to accurately track the source of every prospective client that contacts your business.  This is achieved by setting up call tracking software, allowing you to discern whether a phone call came from a marketing campaign, an organic search, or another source.  Important actions taken on your website are tracked through Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, custom events and goals, and conversion pixels.

Management Tracking

2. We also make sure that we are able to track every step of your sales pipeline, from first contact to signed client.  First, we examine the current lead management practice and look for opportunities to standardize, optimize, or automate parts of the process.  Then, we determine the best CRM for your business needs and spearhead the setup in order to organize all your leads in a single location.

Process Improvement

3. Finally, your team begins to use the software and we identify weak points in your sales funnel and further opportunities for automation or improvement.

Software We Are Using

Trying to improve your company’s lead management?  Here is the call tracking and CRM software we recommend.  We’ve done a ton of research on call tracking software and CRMs and are happy to discuss your needs and help determine the right software for you!

Call Tracking Software

We love Call Tracking Metrics because it has a great interface, functionality, and integrations.  We use CTM to track the source of phone leads by creating unique tracking numbers for each lead source and utilizing their Dynamic Number Insertion technology.


It’s imperative to have one central place to collect and manage all of your leads.  For those with simpler needs, looking for a cheaper and easier to use out of the box solution, we recommend Zoho.  For those with more complex needs, with a unique and complicated conversion funnel, we recommend Infusionsoft.

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