Data Analysis

Our first step in on-boarding new clients is to evaluate where they are currently.  We help businesses to identify and evaluate KPIs in order to better assess next steps to maximize their growth.  With a background in data analysis and experience consulting to companies as large as in the Fortune 5, we help businesses assess their customer lifetime value, cost per client acquisition, most efficient sources of new clients and their client or target client demographics.

Once we begin marketing for a client, we continuously analyze our results and focus on hard numbers in order to measure our success. This data-driven approach to marketing is one of the major factors that differentiates us from our competitors and keeps our clients loyal. We do not tote “impressions” or focus too heavily on branding, but instead focus on metrics such as cost per lead and conversion rates.

Areas of Focus

A/B Testing

Where do your leads currently come from?  We ensure that we are able to accurately track the source of every prospective client that contacts your business.  This is achieved by setting up call tracking software, allowing you to discern whether a phone call came from a marketing campaign, an organic search, or another source.  Important actions taken on your website are tracked through Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, custom events and goals, and conversion pixels.

Audience Segmentation

We analyze audience data including factors such as geography, gender, age, devices and use that analysis to inform our marketing strategies.  We use this information to alter our targeting methods, determine the best platform on which to advertise, and to create copy that resonates with our target demographic.

KPI Analysis

We help businesses with large scale data analysis utilizing Excel, SQL, VBA, Microsoft Access, and Python in order to reveal valuable business intelligence. We’ve helped clients to rank the value of their business partners, discover correlations between client characteristics and retention, and to forecast business growth.

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